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 Mission Statement

The Priory of the Poor Knights of Christ  is an Order not of one Church, but of many  -  established to the glory of God for the fellowship of his children and the service of all his people.  

The Priory of the Poor Knights of Christ is committed to practical Christianity for the 21st Century. We seek to be the “hands and heart” of God in our local communities.

A Christian Order Dedicated to Practical Christianity for the 21st Century

This Priory of the Poor Knights of Christ repudiates all and any groups; 'templar' or otherwise, that seek to use Christian history, symbolism or faith to justify, promote or encourage illegality, religious intolerance or political extremism of any kind.

Further, we reject and condemn racism as having no place in God's Kingdom.

This Priory in accordance with the Great Commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ affirms love of God and of neighbour to be our primary responsibility.

It is in that spirit that we lay claim to and seek continuation of Christian chivalric tradition, including that of the original 'Knights of the Temple' who were themselves victims of intolerance and unjust persecution in the name of religion.