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Priory of the Poor Knights of Christ

Showing God’s love for all in practical ways

Patron: the Right Reverend Richard Garrard BD AKC

Latest News Letter

Following a meeting between the Right Reverend Richard Garrard and members of our governing council.

We are delighted to announce that Richard has agreed to join us as the new Patron of the Priory of the Poor Knights of Christ.

This is such positive news for the Priory bringing wise counsel to the Order due to his vast range of experience, including serving in a senior position with the Order of St Lazarus which provides a unique insight into running a charitable and chivalric order.

Richard has also agreed to provide a monthly set of prayers for Priory members which will help to develop and support the theological needs of our members.

Iftar Meeting with MECO
Dr Taj Hargey at the lectern

Welcome to our new Patron

Right Reverend Richard Garrard

Just some of Richard’s Career highlights

Prior Lindsey with Bishop Richard

Bishop Richard with

Rev Chris Wilson Chaplain PrioryPKC

It is some years since I first made contact with Dr Taj Hargey, the Imam who leads the The Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (MECO).

This organisation is dedicated to the establishment of a distinctive, progressive and pluralistic Muslim centre in Oxford which seeks to foster open-mindedness, tolerance and social cohesion for British Muslims by encouraging their effective integration into the UK mainstream.

Members of PPKC have regularly been invited to and have attended various celebratory events including the annual multifaith barbecue which is held each summer in Abingdon.

Iftar Meal with MECO

In line with their progressive approach, people of other faiths are warmly welcomed by MECO to all their events and over the years we have found ourselves rubbing shoulders with not just our Muslim brothers and sisters but also Hindus, Jews, Bahais, and Unitarians among others.

At all these events we eat together. There is saying that those families that eat together stay together.  All men and women are our brothers and sisters and whatever our faith, ethnic origin or colour - we are one family on God’s earth.

With the terrible events taking place ever more frequently in the UK and in the world at large there has never been a more important time to live together with mutual love and respect, something which is basic principle of our Priory.

When we joined MECO recently on a Friday at their Iftar prayers and meal (the breaking of that day’s Ramadan fast) Dr Taj spoke about the horrific attack in Manchester and reiterated that these extremist actions have nothing to do with Islam and are not supported by anything in the Koran. In a touching ceremony he read out the 22 names of those who were killed and members of his congregation lit 22 candles in their memory.

Godfrey Fowler - Legate

22 candles one for each person lost
during the Manchester attack